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Flood Warning System

Etna Borough is a flood prone community. Due to this act, the Borough has taken steps to inform our residents and property owners what steps are taken to warn residents that the POTENTIAL FOR FLOODING EXISTS.

During a rain event, the Etna Police Department monitors the levels of the creeks, streams, storm runoffs areas and the river on a regular basis for high flow. Predetermined benchmark levels have been set; and if reached, the Fire Department is immediately dispatched to the area. The Fire Department will proceed to the areas where potential flooding may occur, and announce through their loud speaker system, THAT THE POSSIBILITY OF FLOODING EXISTS
. At that point, residents may choose to evacuate the area or begin preparation for flooding. This may include moving items from the basement, plugging sewer drains or sand bagging.

Information on flood proofing, retrofitting and water proofing is available in the lobby of the Municipal Building as well as the Shaler North Hills Library - Etna Flood Information Section.

The National Flood Insurance Rate Map is prominently displayed in the lobby of the Municipal Building for viewing by any interested party. Questions can be directed either to the Borough Manager, Building Inspector or Engineer. You may call 412-
781-0569 for additional information.

Flooding can occur through several routes in our community - either by the overflowing of the creek or river banks, the overflowing of storm water runoffs or by sewer system overflow and backup. Dumping and littering adds to potential problems. Because we are a combined sewer system (sanitary and storm water are combined in the same piping system), littering on the street can be washed into the storm catch basins during a rain event. This can clog up the sewer system and take up vital space for storm and sanitary flow. Please do not litter.

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