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Public Works Department

With a Public Works Director and four crewmen, this department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of borough streets and sewer lines. They also salt and plow the borough streets, when necessary, during the winter.

Zoning Code Officer / Building Inspector

As Zoning Code Officer, this person is responsible for acting on zoning violations. Normally, violators will be asked to comply with zoning code specifications. If the violator is non-compliant, the Zoning Code Officer has the authority to issue a citation and take the violator before the local magistrate.

When there is new construction or major improvements are to be made to an existing property, the owner must request a building/zoning permit. The Zoning Code Officer/Building Inspector examines the plans and has the authority to grant or deny the permit in accordance with borough ordinances and zoning codes.


Occupancy Permit

For occupancy permits and rental inspection permits, please contact Officer Gary Cutenese, 412-781-0569, extension 18.   Forms can be found on the forms page of this website.


Building Permits & Zoning Permits

All construction requires a zoning permit whether a Building Permits is required or not.  Zoning Permits may be acquired through the Borough of Etna, Code Enforcement Office at a cost of $30.00.  Please call  REQUIRED before any
construction can be begin.  Please contact International  Code Construction at 412-596-3287 for information on Zoning Permits or see the forms page to download the application.

Building Permit applications are available at the Municipal Building or you can download on off of the forms page of this website.  The Borough’s Building Inspector is Code Sys. Inc.  Their phone number is 412-821-0337. Special regulations are enforced
for building permits in the Special Flood Plain Hazard Area.  Please call 412-781-0569 for more information.


Tax Collector

Property owners in Etna pay property tax to Allegheny County, Etna Borough, and Shaler Area School District. The borough and school taxes are collected by Etna's Tax Collector who is elected by Etna citizens every four years.

The Tax Collector has office hours Tuesday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Municipal Building.  For questions, call 412-781-0569, extension 24.


Keystone Municipal Collections

Other taxes levied by the borough include wage, occupation, and mercantile taxes. The one percent (1%) wage tax is levied on earned income. The receipts are divided evenly between the borough and the school district. Mercantile tax is assessed on businesses operating in Etna. These taxes are presently collected by Keystone Municipal Collections.

The Local Services Tax (LST) is $1.00 per week and is also collected by the Borough’s Wage Tax Collector, Keystone Municipal Collections.

The Borough also has a Mercantile Tax which is 1½  mills  for retail commercial establishments and 1 mill for wholesale establishments.  Please Contact Keystone Municipal Collections, 724-978-0300 or 412-672-5900 or visit their website at


Trash Removal

The Borough contracts with Waste Management for the collection of both solid waste and recycling.  As a courtesy and as a means to provide a discount to our customers on this collection, the Borough bills the property owners as part of the utility billing for water and sewer services.  By billing the resident directly, a discount is provided by the hauler, Waste Management, that the borough passes onto the property owner,
for missed pickups, please contact 1-800-458-4090.

Waste Management Holiday Pickups

Scheduled trash pickup dates for 2018 observed Holidays:
Memorial Day Week –Saturday, June 2nd
Independence Day Week –Saturday, July 7th
Labor Day Week –Saturday, September 8th
Thanksgiving Week- Saturday, November 24th
Christmas Week –Saturday, December 29th
New Year’s 2019 Week –Saturday, January 5


Recycling Guidelines

Ever wonder, “why recycle?”  Sure, it’s good for the environment, but there’s more to it than that.  When you Recycle Often and Recycle Right, great things happen.

Think about it.  Every day we encounter hundreds of recyclable items.  By recycling properly, we can save tons of raw materials, which in turn saves time, energy and expense.

Consider this:  recycling just one aluminum can save enough energy to:
·         Run a TV for two hours.
·         Power a 14-watt CFL bulb for 20 hours.
·         Power a computer for three hours.

If we all do our part, the results can really add up.  Last year alone, Etna Borough Residents recycled enough material to save 1,260 mature trees.

But we need your help to keep recycling clean and green.  Certain items can slow down the recycling process, or even ruin the load.  These no-no’s include plastic bags, food or greasy food containers and liquids or soggy items.

Etna contracts with Waste Management for municipal garbage and recycling collection.  We are asking you to follow these simple guidelines to make sure you are Recycling Right.

First, it’s important to follow the three main rules of recycling:

1.       Recycle all bottles, cans and paper
2.       Keep food and liquids out of your recycling bin
3.       Keep plastic bags out of your recycling bin

Next, make sure you’re recycling good, quality material.  Here is an overview of the types of materials that help make a successful recycling program:

Plastic Bottles, Jugs and Tubs:

Good Recyclables:
Beverage bottles, milk jugs, peanut butter jars, bottles for toiletries and laundry detergent bottles are all examples of material you can put into your single-stream recycling bin.
Not Collected in Curbside Bins:
 Plastic bags and film plastic, bottles containing antifreeze and motor oil, foam packaging, packing peanuts, nylon packing straps, plastic 5-gallon buckets, plastic dinnerware or beverage cups
 Remove lids or caps and place in the regular trash. Rinse, flatten (optional), and place them in your recycling bin for curbside pickup.

Newspaper, Office Paper, Chipboard and Cardboard:

Good Recycleables:
Newspaper, magazines, office paper, cardstock, magazines, product literature, telephone books, poster board, advertisements, catalogues, cartons, cardboard and cereal boxes
Not Collected:
 Food wrappers, paper towels, tissues, carbon paper, used paper plates and toilet paper
 Make sure the paper item is large than a half sheet of paper.  Cut and flatten carboard to the size of a pizza box or smaller.  Place items in your recycling bin for curbside pickup.

Metal (Tin, Steel, Aluminum):

Good Recyclables:
 Aluminum beverage cans, any metal food or beverage container
Not Collected:
 Aluminum foil, aluminum lawn chairs, aerosol cans, oil cans, paint cans or metal 5-gallon buckets
 Drain and rinse the container. Crush the can to save space (optional). Place the item in your township recycling bin for curbside pickup.

Good Recyclables:
Clear, green and brown food or beverage bottles and jars
Not Collected:
Window or plate glass, light bulbs, crystal, dinnerware, ceramics, pyrex, drinking glasses or mirrors
Remove all lids and metal rings and dispose of in the trash. Rinse the jar or bottle to remove any food. Place the item in your recycling bin for curbside pickup. Don’t break the glass.

Following these simple rules can help you become an expert recycler.  Share new knowledge with your friends and neighbors.  Together, we can make the world a better – and greener – place.

To help encourage recycling, the Borough has provided 32-gallon recycling bins for residents.  Recycling, along with garbage, will be collected every Friday by Waste Management.

If you have any questions about your bin or the recycling program, please call the Borough office at 412-781-0569.  If you have any questions about recycling, or are interested in enhancing recycling at home, visit Waste Management’s Recycle Often. Recycle Right. website at


Waste Management offers a convenient service to Etna Borough residents to properly dispose

and recycle household hazardous waste (HHW) – safely, easily, and responsibly.  These items may include paints, household cleaners, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), automotive products, garden chemicals, batteries, electronics and more.

To dispose of HHW materials and schedule a collection at your home, contact Waste Management At Your DoorSM in one of these three ways:
·         Go to WMATYOURDOOR.COM

·         Call (800) 449-7587 – We’re available 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST M-F
·         Email: ATYOURDOOR@WM.COM

See the flyer in the sidebar for more information about what materials are collected through this program.


Waste Management brings you Recyclebank—Reward Yourself!

If you’re already recycling, you should be getting rewarded for it! Waste Management and the Borough of Etna will offer rewards when residents recycle at the curb.

How? Recycle with your Waste Management recycling cart, become a Recyclebank member and earn Recyclebank points each time you set out your cart. Recyclebank Points can be used at to shop for deals and discounts to hundreds local businesses and restaurants.

Sign up today at, follow the prompts to verify your home address and sit back and enjoy the rewards!


WASTE MANAGEMENT will now pick up Household Generated Special Materials

As part of the residential solid waste and recycling contract with Waste Management, effective October 1, 2015, you have a convenient new opportunity to dispose of your household generated special materials
- safely, easily and responsibly. Introducing the At Your Door Special Collection SM program, a residential service offered by Waste Management to provide year-round collections for you.


1.       To Participate, you must set up a collection appointment.

There are three ways to schedule a collection:
·         Go to

·         Call 1-800-449-7587 (Monday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm Eastern Time)
·         Email

2.       Preparing for collection

The collection kit includes an instruction sheet and other items to help pack and secure your household generated special materials. Please read the instruction sheet included in the kit.

3.       Material is collected

On the scheduled date, the customer service technician will collect materials directly from your home. They will sort and pack the materials for proper transportation, recycling and disposal. Participants will receive a postage-paid survey card to complete and mail back to help track the program.

4.       You have more material than will fit into the Kit?

Remember, this service is available year-round. Just schedule another collection! Small quantities may be combined with your neighbors. Call Center Representatives are available from Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET. Leave a message after hours, weekends and holidays. Email the Call Center:


Water Service

Water service is provided by the Hampton Shaler Water Authority under an agreement reached in 2013.  To set up new service, change a billing address please contact Hampton Shaler Water Authority (HSWA) at 412-486-4867 or send the correspondence to HSWA, PO Box 66, Allison Park, PA  15101..  Bill payments can be mailed to:  HSWA, P.O. Box 644391, Pittsburgh, PA  15264-4391  If you would like to set up authorization for direct payment, please visit   For after hour water emergencies, please call 412-822-7766.

As a convenience and courtesy to our customers, water, sewer and garbage services are all billed on the same bill on a bi-monthly basis.  Etna Borough still provides sewer conveyance services to ALCOSAN (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority).


Local Magistrate

The local Magistrate for our area, is Judge Bob Dzvonick.  His office can be reached at 412-487-7630.

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