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Residential Parking Permits

In May of 2017, Council adopted Ordinance No. 1370, which amended Ordinance 1364 of 2016. The Ordinance removed the term "PILOT" from the Residential Parking District, and reduced the free parking time limit from 2 hours to 1 hour.

Residential Parking Permits are required for parking on Maplewood Street from Garrick Street to Locust Street, a portion of Pine Street (the side across from the playground and swimming pool - odd numbered side), a portion of Locust Street from the intersection of High Street to Maplewood Street on the even numbered side), Locust Street from Maplewood Street to Pine Street on the odd numbered side) and Garrick Street. In order to obtain a permit, a resident must provide verification of car ownership and/or specific written permission to operate a company vehicle, payment in full for the permit, proof of current vehicle registration, proof of current vehicle insurance, proof of valid driver’s license with the address located in one of the designated permit zones and proof of payment of all wage and property taxes.

All permit zones now have 1 hour free parking, and enforcement hours on Pine Street and Locust Street from the intersection with Maplewood to the Pine Street pedestrian bridge are from 5pm to 7am. All other areas in the zone will be enforced 24/7. There will be no enforcement on all Borough-designated holidays.

Visitor permits may be purchased if needed. Only one visitor permit may be purchased at a time and will be issued to eligible residents for his/her visitors. Each permit is good for seven uses in a thirty day period. Caregiver permits are available and will be issued for one year to eligible residents. The resident must show proof of residency and submit a statement of need for the Caregiver Permit. For company vehicles, only one company automobile per household shall be permitted but not in addition to the number of permits allowed per household. Households are limited to two parking permits per household, but if the household has a garage or off-street parking available, that household is eligible to obtain one permit only. On-street parking permits are non-transferrable and all permits are good for one year – from April 1 through March 31. Resident permits cost $20.00 annually, Visitor permits are $10.00 (for 7 uses) and Caregiver Permits are also $20.00 annually. Contractor passes will be provided at no charge, pending the approval of a completed an application. Other conditions (such as display, etc.) are in the full text of the ordinance.

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